Ibanez RG350M Yellow ~ The RG550 Twin

This is one of my favorite electric guitars, the RG350 series. Ibanez RG350M comes with a pure semi-white colored maple neck and bright Yellow body color. The specification is so standard, with no fancy pick-up installed, but the sound is good.

The playability is awesome since it comes with a flat fingerboard radius and the legend Ibanez Wizard neck type.

Here are some of my RG350M pictures. I have been waiting for this baby for so long and got it in 2022, maybe about three years, because there is no brand new available in the market, so I need to wait for people to release this baby.

ibanez rg350M Yellow Indonesia
Ibanez RG350M Yellow

The Wizard thin next is very comfortable to play with, perfect for shredding and doing some quick licks. If you’re a shredder, then you’ll be like it.

Ibanez RG 350M Yellow - maple neck and wizard type
Maple neck and Wizard neck

And this is another one. If you look at this RG in real life, you can’t see the differences between it and the Ibanez RG550 version.

I plan to make this RG350 even better. Maybe the stock pick-up will be replaced with Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio pickUp. And the tremolo also needs to be replaced since I like the classic version rather than the installed one.

Other than that, the guitar itself plays amazingly, and I love it. The second-hand price is around $300 ~ $350, depending on the guitar’s condition. I got mine for $300 in Indonesia, which is quite cheap!

Ibanez RG350M - Ganjarnugraha.com

And here are some of the specs of this shiny RG series

Ibanez RG350M Yellow Specifications

Body materialBasswood (Solid body)
Neck materialMaple (Bolt On)
Fingerboard materialMaple
Widht at nut43mm
Fingeboard radius400mm
Neck typeIbanez Wizard II/III
Fret24 Jumbo
Pickup configurationHSH 5 way switch
Neck pickupINF3
Middle pickupINFS3
Bridge pickupINF4
Volume & Tone1 volume & 1 Tone knobs
Country of ProductionIndonesia