Assalamualaikum, hello! Ganjar Nugraha here, welcome to my site. Thank you for coming here, wishing you all the best. Keep happy and healthy.

Let’s talk about SEO, digital marketing, online businesses, the book, guitar, Linux, computer hardware and tech stuff.

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Do you interested in “spiritual?” I do.

But the key topics on this site is about the Search Engine Optimization, entrepreneurship and things related to how we can get more meaning in this life.

I ♥ self-development topic,  or mindset growth topic, and of course the guitar stuff. The goal here is to share my experiences and knowledges. Hopefully, one of you can get the benefit form my content.

I’ve been interested in SEO, blogging, content creation, web development, and digital marketing since 2008. So if you have any questions or something that need to discuss, I’ll be happy to answer.

I am interested in metaphysics, the vibration, and the quantum energy.  I think this is very important to learn, and if you read this article, then you have to check it.

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“Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we will all return.” (Quran 2:156)

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